Alpha Railkoker has been a supplier of busbar systems since 1995 and has become the Benelux busbar specialist.

About Alpha Railkoker.

Alpha Industrial B.V. is a wholesale / service provider in Energy Distribution Systems. In particular, we specialize in Busbar from 25 to 6,300 Amps. Alpha Industrial is best known under its trade name Alpha Railkoker. Our customers know us as the smaller party between the major system integrators who distinguish themselves by a high degree of flexibility and serviceability. With our own engineering department, we can design, draw and create all your installations, both for low voltage and medium voltage. Alpha’s clientele consists mainly of end-clients, and large / medium-sized installation companies in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Alpha Industrial BV has often provided project teams for projects consisting of project managers, supervisors, planners, engineers and commissioners. Please ask us for references. With our extensive network and diverse partnerships, we have done single projects from 1 to >100,000 hours a year in several EU countries.


Our staff are trained for calamities on existing installations. We can also make reports of existing installations that are at their maximum capacity. Afterwards you know what the current expansion capacity is.


Alpha is able to design and draw all your installations. All Alpha products are available in Revit and can be used in your BIM model.


Alpha is able to do all the assembly work with its own teams within the scope of its products. If required Alpha can also take care of the secondary side of your critical power installation by installing cabinets, transformers, cabletray and cables. All our staff have VCA certificates just like Alpha itself is certified VCA* – ISO9001 and ISO14001.


Alpha has its own measuring equipment such as meggers, micro ohm meters and thermal imaging cameras. This enables us to provide 100% guarantee on delivery on delivery.


Alpha provides maintenance contracts for all busbar systems. For a fixed rate per year, we will check your installation according to the current NEN standards and you will receive a report.


  • Primark, Nijmegen – Kersten Retail Techniek
  • Noord Zuid metrolijn, Amsterdam – Hager / VIA
  • Hilton Hotel, Schiphol – Unica
  • Waternet, Amsterdam – Imtech
  • Vrije Universiteit O2 gebouw – Legrand
  • Shell Amsterdam – Cofely
  • Gasopslag Bergermeer – Fluor / Cegelec
  • Akzo Nobel, Sassenheim – Cofely
  • Waternet Ozon, Amsterdam – BAM
  • Tate & Lyle, Koog aan de Zaan – Cofely
  • Bouter Cheese, Culemborg – Cofely
  • Universiteit van Amsterdam – BAM techniek
  • AWR, Rozenburg – HVL
  • Oasen drinkwaterzuivering, Gouda – HVL
  • Primark, Almere – Kersten Retail Techniek
  • OVT, Utrecht – ITN / Pro Rail
  • OVT, Breda – ULC / Pro Rail
  • Kantoorpand Paleiskwartier, Den Bosch – Homij
  • Stadskantoor, Utrecht – Homij
  • Justitie / Binnenlandse Zaken – JUBI vof / Deems
  • Antonius Ziekenhuis, Leidsche Rijn – ULC
  • AH groenteverwerking Vezet – Elektropartners
  • Bejo Zaden, Warmenhuizen – Elektropartners
  • IJ-dock verzamelgebouw, Amsterdam – Cofely / Croon / Hollander
  • RWZI, Hilversum – Croon


Something about the product


Alpha-BDS (BusDuctSmall) railkokersysteem 25A en 40A


Alpha-BDR-MV 1250A – 5000A


Alpha-BDR-LV 400A - 6300A


Alpha-BDM (BusDuctMedium) railkokersysteem 160A t/m 400A


Alpha-BDH (BusDuctHigh) railkokersysteem 400A t/m 6300A.
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